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Please, I am begging you, if you have received work from me, GO THERE AND COMMENT. Good or bad, be honest- the feedback is as much for me as it is for potential customers. Thank you.

This is the friends-only community for all the commission requests and displays of artwork prior to shipping.
It is friends only because some of the art work may be of a sensitive nature (It'll be behind a cut appropriately labeled) and honestly, with people posting pics here I'd rather keep it semi-private. Stay at home crafters/artists/etc may post their commissions, etc publicly in a once weekly post. No more than that.
My personal journal is lakinicoyote
Membership is BACK to being moderated, and no, you cannot see my work unless I approve your membership. If I see a copyrighted piece or one that does NOT belong to you being displayed without my consent, I will ban you. You've been warned. If that drama comes to this community, you will also be banned. I already removed a couple of new members, more of a cautionary measure than for offenses. Sorry, but because my portraiture is often based off of personal pictures, I cannot risk my clients privacy.

All art is reviewed prior to you paying. I don't bash people who commission and don't pay. If you don't like it, you don't like it and it just goes in my portfolio. I draw all the time anyway.
Generally, the time it takes to do it and ship it varies dependent on my workload. If it's posted, I will let you know and you'll have it shipped out the Tuesday or Thursday after your payment clears.

You don't have to ask to download anything- if I have drawn something for you, its yours, but please let me know and link/credit to me if you do. (That be lakinicoyote, aka Tori Mize. Thanks.) But trust me, my scanning skills STINK, and you'll want the original. People who have received theirs can testify.
If I have drawn something and it is NOT yours PLEASE do not download, or other wise display it without the express permission of the person it DOES belong to.

If you do not want your piece displayed either here or in my portfolio, just say so.
Commissions are currently:
Open- For A BENEFIT ONLY until 8-20.
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